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Best Indian Social networking site – Pahchanlink

Social networking sites play an important role in our life. They help us connect with other people who are like-minded and also helps us promote our work with the world. In this article, we will tell you the top Indian social networking site to meet new people, make friends, share the photo, audio, and videos, chat, etc.

India has made a lot of progress in the Internet world in the last few years, today India has its own social networking site where you can make new friends, chat with your friends and grow your business. Today, the trend of connecting with people online and working from home is increasing day by day. Now it has become very easy to earn money sitting at home and you can do many types of online work sitting at home and make your life happy and prosperous.

What are the two basic functions that social networking sites provide

Every social networking site has two features in common and they are as follows.

  1. Making friends: Find new friends, send a friend requests, chat and message, etc.
  2. Share Ideas: You can share your photo, video, and ideas on the wall that can be liked, commented, and shared by other members of the site.

Introducing Pahchanlink, an Indian social networking site that offers many useful features that you can use to grow your social circle and businesses. This is a new site launched by Ajanabha for connecting people, let’s have a look at some useful features of Pahchanlink.

  • Make New Friends: This site offers to send a friend request to new people.
  • Messaging: You can send messages to everyone and chat with friends.
  • Create Group: You can create your own group and invite friends to join it.
  • Create Page: You can create pages for your business, brands, and company and ask people to like it.
  • Activity Post: you can post on the activity timeline about your status that is liked, commented, and shared by other members.
  • Promotion: you can promote your video, audio, or anything using the advertising features.

So now its time to join the Indian social networking site Pahchanlink and start connecting with other people to start a wonderful community. We hope this article will help you grow in life, we will update this article when pahchanlink adds more features in the future. Thank you for reading this blog, keep learning to keep earning and please subscribe Ajanabha to receive regular updates about blogging and digital marketing.

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