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How To Become A Singer ( See Results In 30 Days )

Do you want to learn music from home and are looking for online singing classes? Today we will tell how you can easily learn music through online singing courses and that too for free. Yes, if you are thinking that Gayak Kaise bane, start learning music on Ajnabh from today. In this online singing classes started by Ajnabh, you will be able to learn all that you have imagined.

Come, today we will learn the most important things about music. Today we will learn some habits that can make you a better singer. The singing tips you will learn today will help you improve your voice. So let’s have a look at these powerful singer’s habits to become a successful singer.

  1. Exercise regularly: Friends, the way we need fitness in every area of ​​life, similarly it is important for your body to be fit for a good voice. If your body is not fit, then there is vibration and lightness in your voice. For this reason, older singers were encouraged to wrestle and do physical exercises before riyaz. Even today all singers regularly follow fitness workout and keep themselves fit.
  2. Eat a nutritious diet: If you want to become a good singer, then you have to take a healthy diet because it will make your body strong and your voice will also remain melodious. So if you are thinking that singer Kaise bane, then gets in the habit of eating good food from today and do not eat outside eatables as far as possible.
  3. Get sound sleep: Do you know that it is very important to sleep on time and wake up on time for good singing. By getting plenty of sleep, your singing vocal cords remain fresh and healthy and the sweetness of your voice remains awesome. If you sleep less, you will feel tiredness in your voice and you will find it difficult to sing the high pitch songs properly. So From today on, get in the habit of sleeping on time and getting up early in the morning.
  4. Talk less: If you are very talkative and you like to talk or debate, then there is no harm in it, but it is not good for your singing career. See, there is a rule in singing that either you sing or just speak. If you speak less then you will go more on singing and if you speak more you will sing less. One more good habit for a singer is to practice speaking in the low octave and low volume to maintain the melody invoice. You can watch interviews of singers like Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan and learn how they talk.
  5. Do Riyaz regularly: If you leave Riyaz for one day then you loose benefits of many days of hard work. Even if you do it right for a while, you should do regular Riyaz. If you work and for some reason, you have to go out, then you can take digital tanpura with you or at least keep tanpura droid app on your mobile so that you can do riyaz even when you are traveling.
  6. Avoid stress: Friends, if you are thinking that gayak kaise bane, then first you should learn to stay away from stress. A singer should stay away from stress because stress has a bad effect on your voice and makes the voice worse.
  7. Stay away from drug addiction: Friends, a good singer should stay away from any type of drug addiction. Cigarettes, alcohol, or any kind of intoxication will soon make your voice worse. If you stay away from these habits, then you will become a player of a long race and no matter how old you are, the innocence and beauty of your voice will remain forever.

So these were some of the best singing tips. If you follow these rules, you can become an amazing singer and earn both money and fame. If you are a singer and want to make money online you can read my article about how to make money online from your music. If you have any questions, then you can ask in the comment. Subscribe to Ajnabha regularly for new information, thank you very much for joining us and for your support and love. Jai Hind.

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