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How To Make Money From Youtube Faster ( 5 Easy Steps )

Do you know that YouTube is the word’s number one video sharing platform where thousands of videos uploaded every single day? Thousands of creators making a huge income from YouTube while many other creators fail. Do you know why? Off-course there must be some secrets which are followed by top YouTubers that make them unique and number one among others. In this article, you will know how to make money from YouTube as a Pro creator.

Have you ever imagined how much do YouTubers make? Well, It’s a huge figure and much more than your imagination. Normally youtube money per view is 3-5 % of the total view. It means if you get 1000 views your earning may be between 30-50 bucks. In this article, I am explaining how to get more views on youtube because more views = more money.

Though every day thousands of people join YouTube and upload their contents, YouTube is not for amateur people. You can success on YouTube only if you have high-quality content and a good SEO strategy. You will need to work on the following part before publishing a video. I assure you if you follow these steps, your youtube channel will grow faster and you will increase youtube views faster than you imagine.

  • Title and Description
  • Keywords or tags
  • Attractive thumbnail
  • Social Sharing
  • Promotion & SEO
  • Title and Description: Proper youtube title and description play an important role in video ranking and it gets the attention of viewers. Now is it recommended to use any keyword as your video title? The answer is No. There are some tools that are very powerful and highly recommended. We recommend using vidIQ which is YouTube certified tool for keyword research. It is very easy to install as it is a chrome extension and very easily it integrates with YouTube. It comes in for sizes, Basic, Pro, Boost, Boost Plus. The basic one is free for all but we recommend using a Pro version which costs you 7.50 dollar monthly. It is worth having it as it really gives results and you start seeing results within a few days.

You can visit vidIQ here.

  • Keywords or tags: Keywords or tags are the second most important factor for a video to rank on YouTube. Once you installed vidIQ, you need not worry about finding the right keywords as it is suggested by vidIQ. this tool suggests you right keywords for your video, the search volume of the keywords, the competition of the keywords, and many other useful data which makes you a Smart YouTuber.
  • Attractive Thumbnails: vidIQ is a complete solution for YouTubers. Apart from its keywords research features, It also helps you to create an awesome thumbnail for your video in minutes. No photoshop knowledge is required at all, just drag images, write titles and credits, select font and color and publish.
  • Social Sharing: Social sites play an important role in the promotion of your video. What we do, we generally share our video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That’s it! we believe that the video will go viral overnight. Well, my friend, It’s not that easy. You need to do what others don’t, If you have a blog you can easily do it using add to any share plugin which allows you to share your blog post automatically. If you don’t have a blog, Its the right time to make it, because it’s very easy and it helps you to promote your youtube videos on the internet to a large number of people. Your video gets views from outside youtube, your video ranks in google which give it a lot of traffic. Using Add to Any Share you can automatically share your video to more than 90 social sites and bookmarking sites in one click. This tool is free to start but this has a Premium version too. If you want to learn how to start a blog you can read my article on it.

Visit Add to Any Share here.

  • Promotion & SEO: If you are a new YouTuber and want fast results, you can consider promoting your videos through Google AdWords which is recommended for all. Do you know even big YouTube channels promote youtube videos which are newly released? Well if you have followed the first four steps, your channel will grow without any doubt. This step is optional if you can afford, do it, or just focus on creating high-quality videos. I have promoted some of my channel videos from AdWords and good results.

Hope this article will help you to grow your YouTube channel. Ask me in comment if you have any doubt, I will be happy to help you. Subscribe Ajanabha to become a successful businessman in digital marketing and web technology. Thank you for your love and support.

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